User Guide

Home Page

The image above is illustrating the homepage interface of MySing, along with Profile and Settings on the upper right of page. There will be a MySing logo showing in the middle of the interface while Recommended Song List and My Favourite Song List are displayed on both sides. At the bottom part of the page, there will be a few options where you may search the songs by song title, singer’s name, and by song genre while at the bottom right will be showing the songs you have selected. You may select the corresponding options according to your needs.

Hit Artists

Select “Singer”, the system will classify all singers according to their countries. You may search for the singer directly by searching the singer’s name or initials in the search bar for a quicker search.

  • To make typing easy, there is no space required when you are searching the song/artist name. Just type “SitiNurhaliza” when you want to find Siti Nurhaliza. Or search with the initial of the name, type “SN” to search for Siti Nurhaliza.

Trending Songs

Select “Song”, the system will display the current trending songs according to the ranking. You may click on different languages to categorise all trending songs in their respective language. Users may search for the song directly by searching the song’s name or abbreviation in the search bar for a quicker search.

Song Genres

Select “Genre” if users wish to select their desired songs by different categories.

My Favourite Songs

In MySing, you may favourite the songs you liked by clicking the “Select” button. After favourite, you may view and edit your song list by clicking “View More” under “My Favourite Songs” in the home page.

Selected Songs

You may view all current selected songs by clicking “Selected Songs”. In this interface, users may choose to sing the selected song now, add it into the “My Favourite Songs” list, pin the song at the top or may choose to remove the song from the “Selected Songs” list.

While you may check on your song history or re-sing the songs under the song history by selecting “History”.


Click on “Profile” to check on both your username and subscription status. You may refer to the Suggestion and Feedback, User Guide and FAQ under Profile if you are encountering any issues or any questions while enjoying MySing.