MySing N-S10 Karaoke Device

Check if the outlet has power, power cord is well connected, and power switch set to “1” position.

  • Check if the audio cable is connected correctly.
  • Switch to the corresponding audio input mode
  • Pair Audio with Bluetooth device correctly, Ensure Bluetooth device is playing and not muted
  • Keep Bluetooth device at the effective connection distance, Make sure no obstacles exist between it and Audio
  • Check if microphone is turned on.
  • Check if the battery power is too low
  • Microphone is not well paired with Audio. Pair it again according to above pairing procedures.
  • Battery power is too low, replace the battery with new one.
  • Bring microphone close to Audio at the right wireless connection distance.

The output power for MySing is 80W

 Only 1 device at a time that can connect using Bluetooth

Mysing has a warranty for 6 Month

only 2 microphone that can be use on the speaker

Speaker will be covered in the warranty

Mysing Application


  1. Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera or QR code scanner
  2. Sign in your Unifi ID on MySing mobile login page.
  3. Enter sign-in code: 88988
  4. Last, press the “Let’s Sing” button to enjoy MySing.

Go to setting, then press function setting, there will be check version button, choose it and the latest version of your Mysing will be shown.

you can change language by going to setting, then press change language on the setting page

Yes. Make sure your old account is set to public

Go to your song that you desire, press more, and there will be favourite button and press Favourite.

On the main page there will be favourite button, press favourite and favourite list will be shown.

We will email you to your Unifi email then you can change from there.

Please check if you’ve entered your email ID and password correctly. If you’re still having trouble, try resetting your password. If the problem still persist, please contact our contact support.


Key in your Unifi ID and click “Exit” button to process next.It will redirect to Mysing Webpage.Scroll down to get free trial info page. If Unifi ID is valid and never experience free trial before, it will navigate to free trial page.

If Unifi ID is valid but has experienced Free Trial, system will navigated to Subscribe page.

System will auto pop-up notify through the TV Inform user free trial is ended.


You go to setting, then press function setting, there will be clean cache and choose clean cache

you can press vocal on the screen

go to setting, there will be a sign out button and you can choose Sign out to sign out from current account.

  • Check that you have an active internet connection.
  • Make sure you’re on the right login screen
  • Restart the device
  • Try connecting to the Internet via a mobile hotspot.

Check your connection 1st either its connected or not. If not do contact our contact support for song update.


Get your unifi plus box. Then search and install “MySing” App from unifi plus box at Google Playstore

On the song list, there will be selected song button on top right. Press the button and selected songlist will be shown.

You can search by pressing title on the main page. After that you can write the title of the music.

You can search by pressing artist on the main page. After that you can write the artist’s name.


Absolutely! Our payment process is secure, and all the information that you submit is encrypted for privacy while in-transit.

Please log in to access your subscription plan or billing details. If you still can’t view your purchases get in touch with our support team

Debit cards and credit cards.