About MySing

Heading into 2022, we aim to lead karaoke into the digital era at any time, anywhere. A new singing system was launched as the outcome featuring both MySing and unifi together. The founders from both companies began with a crowdfunding project and resolved any problem encountered in most traditional karaoke machines progressively, and found ways to remove bulky parts while maintaining the qualities of sound.

The 1st Malaysian Karaoke App helps to connect the hardware to the application, where you do not have to purchase a bunch of CDs, but more than 30,000 songs from 10 different languages (still counting) will be automatically obtained by you when you are connected to Wi-Fi. Connect directly to Wi-Fi to keep your song library updated.

Music is not just above listening to it, but it is also about sharing, engaging and connecting. Music was one of the earliest social interactions, with the power to break down barriers, connect souls, and bring together family and friends. We like to bring music back to its origin and hence everyone may join and share their passion in music, encouraging each other while having fun.