MySing is a legalised karaoke application that is tailor-made for Malaysians by Malaysians. We provide a huge range of original music video contents. We allow users to enjoy real karaoke sessions, from the comfort of your home.

**MySing is only available to download and use in TM unifi Plus Box at the moment.


MySing Application


  1. Scan the QR code on your mobile phone.
  2. Sign in your unifi id on MySing mobile web login page.
  3. Enter sign-in code: X X X X X X 
  4. Lastly, toggle the ‘Let’s Sing’ button to start enjoying MySing.

Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Version’, the latest version of your MySing will be shown.

Go to ‘Setting’, select ‘Language’, and select your desired language. The default language would be English.  

 Go to ‘Profile’, and select ‘Logout’.


MySing is only available to download and use in TM unifi Plus Box at the moment. Please download the MySing app from TM unifi Plus Box and subscribe using your unifi id account. You will be charged accordingly along with TM billing once the subscription is complete.

You may check your unifi id through myunifi app or unifi bill or contact TM help center by dialing “100” to further check your unifi id.

MySing is only available to subscribe via unifi id and can only be used under TM unifi Plus Box at the moment.

MySing is only available on TM unifi Plus Box for now.

 Go to ‘Profile’,  your subscription status will be shown.

Cancel your subscription plan anytime through contact TM help center by dialing “100”. Your premium account will remain till your next billing date.

Free Trial

Existing / New unifi users who are also first-time users to MySing and never enjoyed any free trial with MySing before.


  1. Please ensure your TM unifi Plus Box has a stable internet connection
  2. Please make sure you’ve entered your unifi id correctly. You may check your unifi id through myunifi app or your unifi bill.
  3. If the problem persists, please contact the TM help center by dialing “100” to further verify your unifi id.

Here are some common fixes for any issues with the app:

  1.  Check the Internet connection
  2.  Restart the MySing app
  3.  Logout and re-login
  4.  Make sure the app is up-to-date
  5.  Close any other apps you’re not using
  6.  Reinstall the app

Reinstalling the app fixes many common issues and ensures the app was updated to the newest version.

In MySing, testing is undergoing quite often in which improvements and new features will be launched from time to time. This indicates that you may experience some differences with other users, or getting new features for trial purposes within a certain period. Please keep your MySing app updated to avoid missing any newly launched feature.

Here are some common fixes if the app appears to be playing but the audio is unable to hear.

  • Make sure your device’s sound or volume settings are not in mute.
  •  You may test this by playing audio from apps other than MySing.
  •  Make sure the audio cable for your device is connected correctly.

Unfortunately, our database does not contain all songs worldwide, but we do have songs from different eras and countries. As permissions from the respective right holders are required, we will be adding new songs from time to time, hence the song that you are looking for may be appearing (reappearing) soon in the app.

Click “Song” or “Singer” on Home page, go to search bar and type a song’s / singer’s name without spacing, the search results will show in the column on your right (e.g. To search Siti Nurhaliza, type “Sitinurhaliza”).


Type the song’s / singer’s name initial (e.g. To search Siti Nurhaliza, type “SN” in singer page’s search bar).

Space is not required when you are searching the song / singer name (e.g. Just type “SitiNurhaliza” when you want to search for Siti Nurhaliza) in order to make typing easier.

This is because you have not added any songs into your favourite list yet. The favourite list in the homepage eases users to manage and save their own favourite songs in one list with easy access.

To add song into favourite list: 

Press the “Favourite” button beside the song. The selected song will be added into your favourite list. Then, you can easily access the song when you are on the home page. 

To delete songs in favourite list:

Press the “Delete” button beside the song. The selected song will be removed from your favourite list. Please be aware that the song will only be removed from your favourite list, you may add back the song to your favourite list anytime.

Recording Labels often produce different version of music videos (MV) for karaoke versions and official versions for the same song. Thus, you may find that the karaoke MV is different from their official MV. In the MySing application we will only provide the karaoke version of the song.

 All MVs in MySing are provided by music companies which some of the MVs were produced especially for oldies songs MV, hence some MVs are only available with lower resolution.


MySing Karaoke Speaker Malfunction

Please check if the power supply of the outlet is working, the power cord is well connected and the power switch was set to the position of “1”. 

  1. Check if the audio cable is connected correctly.
  2. Switch to the corresponding audio input mode.
  1. Make sure that you pair the Audio with the correct Bluetooth device, and ensure that the device is not muted and playing.
  2. Keep Bluetooth device at the effective connection distance, make sure no obstacles exist between it and Audio.
  1. Check if microphone is turned on.
  2. Check if the battery power is too low.
  3. Microphone is not well paired with audio, pair it again according to above pairing procedures.
  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Select “Device Preferences”
  3. Select “Sound”
  4. Under “Sound”, Select “Formats”
  5.  None: Never use surround sound
  1. Battery power is too low, replace the battery with new one.
  2. Bring microphone close to Audio at the right wireless connection distance.

The output power for MySing is 80W.

Only one (1) device at a time can be connected through Bluetooth.

Only two (2) microphones can be connected to the speaker.

You can order easily using our online platform, here is our official online store link

Shopee :
Lazada :

The warranty period for MySing is 6 months while MySing only covers the MySing Karaoke Speaker (N-S10 Speaker). Other items such as cable and microphones are not under warranty coverage.

MySing Karaoke Speaker is only allowed to match with MySing wireless microphone due to the default setting. Besides, it is able to pair one set of wireless mics only. If you need to replace your microphone, you can purchase via MySing’s official store on Shopee or Lazada.


Shopee :
Lazada :

We recommend that you use the MySing Karaoke Speaker Set as it is compatible with unifi Plus Box.

Should you wish to use another karaoke set, please ensure that the speaker supports Optical Audio In. You may need to consult your karaoke hardware seller to ensure compatibility with unifi Plus Box before your purchase.


The Karaoke Set promotion allows you to purchase MySing Karaoke Device with a special offer of RM100 off upon subscribing to MySing app. The promotion period is from 1st May to 30th Sep 2022. 

Upon successful subscription, a confirmation email with the voucher code will be sent. Please check your spam / junk mail if you are unable to find the confirmation email. 

You are required to redeem and enjoy the voucher benefits within seven (7) days upon receiving the confirmation email.

You can redeem the voucher via MySing’s official store on Shopee or Lazada. Select the N-S10 Karaoke Device and key-in the voucher code during checkout.

Shopee :

Lazada :

You can only redeem and use the voucher for once.

For any issue with the Karaoke Set, please get in touch with MySing official store customer service on Shopee or Lazada.

For any issue related to subscription and billing, please refer to the TM help center by dialing “100”.

Unfortunately, coupons cannot be redeemed for anything (for example, cash and rebates). It can only be used to purchase MySing Karaoke sets.

Note: We take customer concerns very seriously, any abuse in the reporting process may result in the termination of your MySing account. 

For any issue related to subscription and billing, please refer to TM help centre by dialling “100″.

Reach out to us via our support email “” for any issue/problem.